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Pivoting Trigger Head

The patented pivoting trigger head allows the bottle to remain vertical, preventing air from entering the supply tube. Easily spray uninterrupted without wasting both chemicals and time priming the pump. Neat, huh?

Ergonomic Design

The pivoting trigger head automatically re-adjusts the bottle's weight below your hand to minimize the strain and fatigue plaguing your forearm when spraying. The grip is molded for a comfortable fit while spraying at any angle.

Compact Size

PIVOT® is roughly 40% lower in height than most spray bottles, so it's easier to store & less prone to tipping over and spilling.

Premier Dual Safety Lock

The lockable spray head helps to prevent curious children from engaging the trigger & being exposed to dangerous chemicals.

High Output Sprayer

PIVOT® might be short - but it still holds 34oz of fluid and packs a punch; blasting 4ml with each stroke.

Chemical Resistant

PIVOT® is one tough sprayer that can handle some of the harshest chemicals, including bleach.