About Us

PIVOT™ is the first ever spray tool that harnesses powerful patented pivoting technology to simplify your spraying needs.

Our Story

Problem: The Spray Bottle Most spray bottles need endless priming of the pump just to work right. If you tilt your typical spray bottle up or down, it gets clogged with air bubbles. This means you have to kill your forearm priming the pump a few thousand times, just to clear the bubbles and spew chemicals all over the place. Spraying liquid out of a bottle isn’t exactly rocket science; yet somehow there are no tools out there that can spray properly the entire time you use them.

Our Mission

PIVOT™ was forged out of a dire need for a robust, reliable spray tool that can easily be used around the house or on the job. Its self-adjusting handle pivots freely, keeping the bottle upright and the supply tube in contact with the fluid at all times so air bubbles won't clog the sprayer. Simple, yet profoundly effective. Throwing out half-full bottles is now a thing of the past.